It's February......Already!


Here we are 9 days into February! Where does the time go?

It's been awhile since I blogged. I have good reason. My husband and I have been in the Chicago area since last Monday. My grandpa's health is not good. He has stage 4 prostrate cancer. Cancer is such an ugly thing. Even the word looks ugly to me. We've been up here along with my mom, uncle and cousin at various times, helping in anyway we can. It's not easy. Life can be so hard sometimes, especially during this phase.

I feel exhausted in every possible way. We have snuck out for Starbucks, or pizza and a movie (which you know makes me VERY happy!). But still reality hits as soon as you come back.

Tomorrow we head back to Arkansas. It will be bittersweet for sure. Being 10 hours away from loved ones in need is so hard. I wish I could pack up my grandparent's (known to us as the GP'S) and bring them with me. Then I could keep them at my house, make them matzo ball soup and everything would be alright. I don't know what the state of things will be like when I am able to come back, or even how soon that will be. Prayer is definitely needed and such a comfort.

So what's new with you? Do tell! :)

Have a very Happy Thursday!

Love, Rachel

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