Romance Uncensored Part 3 and Some Random Good Stuff


Glory Hallelujah, it's Friday! Woooooo!
I could not be happier. I love the weekends. Like really love them.
It might have something to do with the fact that my awesome, amazing hubby is home with me on the weekends. Yeah, that's probably it:)
Anywho, this weekend is going to be great because I'm going to the Beth Moore live simulcast. I look forward to this every September.
Ever heard Beth Moore speak before? [ Please say yes!]

She is inspiring, her words and material are creative and she flat out rocks.
Google her, You Tube her, Facebook her- do whatever it takes to become familiar with her.
And clearly, she is in love with dogs. 
{Not all are hers by the way.} 

We're also having some friends over for dinner at some point and I'm going to crock pot it up. Either chili or a traditional Sunday Baptist Roast. You know, rump roast, potatoes, carrots- all in the same pot?
This was something we had more Sunday's than not growing up. And my mouth waters for that dish still to this day. My grandma made a mean pot roast in her day, let me tell you.
I think I'm going to mash my potatoes this go around, include a green bean casserole and the last of the corn on the cob. There might even be an apple pie thrown in-with homemade crust! Oh yeah!:)Makes me want to shout God Bless America!
I'm talking way too much about food and getting patriotic for no good reason and so we must move on to the next topic. 
I know you are dying to hear more about the Romance Uncensored subject. 
If you are just tuning in, you can find the last two posts here and here.
I have just a few more things to share.

The pastor brought up the importance of pleasing your spouse in many different areas. 
But one of the ways has really stuck with me and that was our appearance.
We dress up for work, get pretty for a coffee date with friends, pull out our best Sunday clothes for church- but how do we get ready and dress for our spouse?
I'm totally guilty of dressing comfy around the house. Yoga pants (which have never seen yoga by the way), hair pulled back, no make up and just a general laid back-ness.
Why do we do this?
We didn't do that while we were dating.
In fact if I remember correctly, my hair was always done, my clothes were always put together, I even painted my nails and threw on some lip gloss.
What happened?

Date your mate. Keep things fresh and alive.
I don't know about the guys, but for us girls a new shirt or blush or manicure can liven things up real quick.
And maybe there are some of you out there feeling like this talk doesn't apply to you?
I'm not saying you have to be someone you're not, or that you have to put on make up and dress nicely for your husband to love you.
He already loves you. But it's important to keep him in love with you.
Are you hearing me?
Your spouse is the most important earthly person you have a relationship with. Make them a priority.
Be your best you for him and most importantly for Him.

On a totally different page, some people see their marriage as something less than great. And some may see the marriage bed as something of fear or regret or hurt.
There are situations out there that are tearing apart marriages and it's going to take some time to work it out. Thru prayer and time, healing will come.
But just know that you are both worth it.
Saying I do until death do us part is no joke in the eyes of God. He takes that very seriously and so should you.
There are also marriages out there where one spouse is living for God and the other isn't.
The Bible tells us:
" Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives." 
1 Peter 1-2
"In other words, your natural instinct is to nag and coerce you husband into church or doing the right thing, to try and manipulate him towards God. It won't work ladies. Only God can change your husband heart, your words are more likely to hurt than help. Rather than trying to persuade your hubby, choose to live your life loving God which in turn will spill over to your husband and be shown thru love and respect for him. Your actions will communicate louder than your words ever could."
[ Abbreviated commentary from the True Identity Women's Bible- page 1731}

God brought you two together. And it takes work to maintain. How much more important are our marriages than the mundane things we spend countless hours on everyday? 
Your spouse is worth it.
And so are you. :)

I think that's all I have to share from our AWESOME experience at Romance Uncensored. 
If there is any leftover info, I will be sure to share.

And now for something totally random but I must share.

Chicken Enchiladas.
We love you!
Found this recipe over at the Red Barn Candle Company. You can find here it is Declicious x 100!
Happy Friday ya'll!

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