It's September!


Holy Guacamole! It's September!
Where did the time go? The summer is over!
I feel like I had so many plans for the summer season. Bbq's every weekend, endless swimming at the lake, fishing trips, camping, more swimming, mini vacations and on and on. Do you do this too? Plan, plan, plan?
I have too many expectations sometimes. And then I get dissapointed. Because my mind isn't always realistic.

But instead of going down Poor Me Lane, I want to express all the good times and things that I did do this summer. In not partricular order, here they are:

Camping with friends
Bbq's galore
Lots of family time including a first meet with one of Teddy's favorite Uncles.
Air conditioning
Ice cream
Lemonade/ Ice Tea
Thrift Store Shopping
Blog Makeover
Walks in the park with Charlie
House projects

And a lot of daydreaming about the glory of fall and winter. Hey- what can I say? When it's 95 plus outside, this girl thinks about cooler weather. Fall is my favorite season. But this summer has been good to me. First summer in our new home as a married couple.  (Last summer we lived with my parents! Need I say more?!)

This Labor Day Weekend is the first in many years I won't be in Chicago with family. But we will be celebrating with family here in Arkansas. Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, you get the idea :)

Here's hoping you had a great summer!

Love, The Faithful City Mouse

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