What if I told you that there was a hero? A real one. That could save your life. Would you believe me?
Maybe you're in a bad place emotionally, spiritually, physically. Maybe nobody ever told you it could be better or get better. Maybe you don't know any different.
Have you met Jesus?

He is real. He is everywhere.

This is an old song, but new to me. I heard it last week on KLOVE driving home from the grocery store. The words really hit me. I cried a little thinking about His love for us. For me.
Listen to this song. Really let the words soak in.

And don't get distracted by the guys wearing tight girl pants. Everyone has their own style you know. :)

Do you ever have any questions after you read this blog? About me or about God?
Email me. I would love to chit chat.

Have a great Wednesday!
The Faithful City Mouse

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