Surprise Date Night


The other night my hubby found out he was working locally in another town. And so he called me to jump in the truck and head over for a dinner date. And let me tell you....this girl was excited! We don't eat out a whole lot, mostly there aren't a lot of choices around here but also because we love cooking and can often cook something more delish (and affordable!) at home.

Sometimes he even wears an apron while cooking :) So cute.

So we arrived at 870 Bistro and as soon as we opened the door the yummy smells hit you like a brick. A good brick of course, not the kind that could knock your teeth out.

We ordered calamari to start, one of the hubs favorite appetizers. They also brought us little foccacia bread sticks with a tomato, balsamic vinegar relish. Oh my! My taste buds were dancing!

I ordered blackened chicken alfredo, the hubs got prime rib, followed up with freshly made italian cream cake, two coffees, lovely conversation and what a great date!
We also ordered cannolis to go because the hubs has never had the delight in tasting one. He loved them of course.

I would have had some pics, had I been wise enough to bring the camera.
But instead I will resort to my beloved pinterest and share a date-ish pic from them.

So romantic!
Pic via Pinterest.

Have a Happy Day!

The Faithful City Mouse

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