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So yesterday you read my guest post (hopefully) and today I'm posting about another blog that I have recently discovered.

His name is Ben. And he lives in Arkansas (like me!). He started his journey of weight loss in 2008 and has done INCREDIBLE things since.  What I love about his story is that he is a regular guy who did this by himself. He didn't have to join the Biggest Loser, he didn't take drastic steps with surgery, he didn't drink only shakes for every meal. He just started doing life. And pounding the pavement (literally). Out of all the weight loss stories I have read his and my friend Kristen's Blog are the most inspiring. Real people accomplishing awesome results. I love it.

He named his blog BEN DOES LIFE. You can find it here There is a tab near the top labeled beginnings. You can go all the way back to watch his transformation from the top.

Here is a clip of his journey. Watch it. And then prepare to DO LIFE.

Thanks Ben.

Have a healthy day!
The Faithful City Mouse

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  1. I wrote about this site in one of my very first blog posts. It inspired me too! Go, Ben!

    And thank you for the awesome compliment--you are so sweet!


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