Come on Fall!!


If you've been following my blog for any amount of time at all, you know that I love the Holiday seasons.
I mean really, any excuse to celebrate or make an ordinary day a little special could be a Holiday in my book.
Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Fall was really awesome.
We could enjoy the crisp, cool weather, there was a GREAT pumpkin farm nearby with a maze and rows and rows of pumpkins.
I can remember picking out the pumpkin that I was going to carve, loading it into the wagon and once we got back to the entrance we gave it a dip in the old fashioned claw foot tubs they had for that reason. That way the dirt stayed at the pumpkin patch and didn't get in your car.
So smart right?
Here I am, almost 31 years old, and I'm still crazy about pumpkins and all things Fall. (Just wait until Christmas!!)
Now down here in Arkansas, our Fall isn't quite so cool and crisp.
But there are still mums, pumpkins, hot apple cider and great times to be had.
So I decided to compile a few pics from Pinterest to get you int he mood too.
And I almost forgot about the pumpkin pies ya'll!!
The Hubby loves pumpkin pie like you would NOT believe. Starting soon I will be making him just about ever weekend. Yes! He loves them that much.
And I learned long ago, that keeping your man's tummy full and happy makes you happy too:)
However we're trying to be healthy at our house and somehow pumpkin pie doesn't exactly fit that description.
Since we're on the subject, this fall when you make your pumpkin pie, add a few tablespoons of apple butter to your pie and extra cinnamon. Trust me, you will LOVE it! :)
And don't forget about REAL whip cream! Made by you!
So easy and so worth it!
Now tell me, what sort of Fall things are you looking forward to?

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  1. girl! i just LOVE all of this inspiration!
    fall is MY FAVE, TOO!!!
    i love everything about this post...
    makes me wanna go buy pumpkins and make cider. :)
    love you!


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