Hello Monday


Good Morning, Good Morning!
I'm so ready for this week to start. Not because of any reason other than it feels like it's going to be a GREAT week.
There is something exciting I need to share with you......but not yet.
And no, I'm not pregnant (unfortunately).
But still pretty exciting! :)

I'm currently sitting on my comfy couch with the cutest Beagle munching on left over pizza. (Just slightly warmed up because I still like the leftover, cold pizza taste. Yum!)

I've been surfing around, catching up on my favorite blogs this morning and just feeling so thankful for everything!
For never going hungry, there is always food in our fridge and pantry.

For being able to enjoy Sonic Happy Hour with the hubby!
Two Strawberry Limeades please! :)

For this sweet little Beagle that seriously steals my heart everyday!
I keep wondering- if we love this Beagle like crazy, imagine how we'll feel about our kids!
Look out!

Thankful for a mama that took me to the Beth Moore Live Simulcast this past Saturday. It was our third year. Is Beth Moore not wonderful? Did any of you go?

And also for this SUPER ADORABLE lamp my mom got me when our other one started fading out.

What I am most thankful for is a hubby who spends time reading and following God's word.
He has stood up so much recently and is really becoming the true man God has intended him to be.
I love his kind heart and willingness to follow God's plan for us.
{ He's also a total stud muffin!}

And because I love him so dearly, I made the first pumpkin pie of the season for him that past weekend. He loves this pie so much! I don't think it lasted 24 hours!
Ever since I've started making homemade crust, I really feel like a rock star. For real!

I  was so excited to get my hands on these fall magazines! Just look at the beautiful covers! 
Dear Country Living, You had me at hello!

I also made about 3 dozen jars of Jeter's Jams over the weekend for an upcoming Fall Festival.
Strawberry, Blackberry and Peach- Oh My!

So how was your weekend?

I'm linking up with the lovely Lisa Leonard today.

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  1. I'm out of jam!!!!! I NEED SOME MORE!!! :) I'm now using my jar WITH THE LABEL to hold my sink brush so I think of you daily! xoxoxoxo

    glad y'all had a good weekend!



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