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Hey there! Good Morning!
How is your week so far?
It's nearly the weekend and I can't wait!:)
Mostly because I always love the weekends, but this weekend the hubby comes home (today in fact!) and he doesn't have to say goodbye on Monday!
Read Here if you missed the last post.
And for all of you that did comment on the last post with such sweet words, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Really!:)

So on to the links.

My pen pal Kara over at Sunrise Sunset Blog wrote a great post about Bible Verses and since we're on the subject, I need to share Leslie's post about Learning God's Word. 
Both of these girls stopped the excuses and dove into the Bible. Go girls!
I'm right behind you!

This isn't a link but yesterday the lovely Meg Duerksen shared a pic on Instagram about Ephesians Chapter 5 from the Message. Go read it. Right now. It's ok, I'll wait.
At some point, you should probably read ALL of Ephesians from the Message. I'm not being bossy, promise. 
Good stuff!

And then you should go visit my gal Mary @ Finding Healthy Hope and check out her adorable home school class room! I love it!

And you should definitely go check out this FREE printable from Megan over @ Contented Sparrow, click here to download.

Isn't that beautiful!?
She is so talented!

And if you are interested in Free desktop downloads, this blog is featuring some REALLY cute ones:)

So cute right?

I hope your day is awesome!

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  1. Woo hoo!! I'm so excited you're joining in on the memorizing! I also didn't know you and Kara knew each other until I saw it on IG. So cool!! :] I also just really love your positivity. It's contagious! Just thought you should know. :]


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