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Hello there!!
It's Monday!!
I've had coffee, and sent my hubby off to work for the week, and am still in my pj's, sipping on more coffee, with a curled up beagle who is lightly snoring next to me,and I'm  blogging away. (And wasting time on Pinterest.)

Have I told you that we don't have a Starbucks within 100 miles or so? Yeah, I thought I had.
It leaves us making up our own little latte/mocha concoctions. And lately I've been in to making home made whip cream, so our coffee has been tasting REAL yummy! Add a dash of cinnamon and I'm feeling pretty good. Starbucks who?
However, a new little coffee/lunch shop opened in town this past month. It's in a house, where people live. At first I thought, hmmmmmmmmmm...............
But then Saturday morning while doing some errands the hubby surprised me and took me in for coffee and home made scones. They were heavenly delicious! Word has it the owner makes her own breads, roast her own meats and she even peels almonds for Horchata! Say what now?! Yeah, that was my response too! Haha!

But we are trying to be happily frugal these days and so making most of our coffee at home and such will remain the norm. And we're totally good with that.

We had some friends over this weekend for a bonfire and chilli. They brought their 3 kids who are tons of fun and we roasted smores too. It was a blast.
The next night the hubby and I sat out by the bonfire for a little bit and just enjoyed the cooler weather and sipped on decaf. ( Sometimes we are 100 years old.)

Saturday afternoon we went to my niece's birthday party. She turned 3! Such a fun age. I could spend all day in the little girl section of clothing. Can you say ADORABLE?

We had a great Sunday at church, with a pastor who constantly encourages us to walk in Jesus' shoes. Or maybe sandals would be more appropriate. Even when we don't feel like we want to go to church, when we get our butts up and go, we never regret it. But oh how easily the devil can settle in and make staying on the couch with coffee and a movie more appealing than getting into our Sunday Best and worshiping in the House of God.

A few months ago when I bought hubby a new recliner, my thoughts were to move the owl chair into the office. Well I shoved and huffed and puffed all the way down the hallway with it only to find it wouldn't fit thru the door.
Well fast forward to this past weekend and I told hubby I was really hoping HE could try and get the chair into the office, he casually brings it down the hall, unscrews the legs and places it into the office. Voila!
Ummmm, why didn't I think of that?  Go Team Jeter! (Yeah, we're dorks!)
So now the owl chair sits in the office where it was meant to be and Charlie thinks it the perfect place to take a little snooze when he's comes in there.

I started following @proverbsdaily on Instagram.
They have some really great verses on there.

This one especially hit me after I've been reading Irresistible Revolution.
You can read my post about that here.

I thought it very interesting that so many people read that post, but NOBODY commented.
Not sure what that means, but I do want to say that I'm not intending for this blog to be a preachy blog or the type of blog that makes you feel bad for what you are or are not doing.
Just me sharing my heart and opinions one day at a time.

So on that note, have a great day!:)


  1. you have me HOOTING over here!!!
    he just unscrewed the legs, huh? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    yay! for smart hubbys! my husband is the exact same way to me. :)))

    i never thought you really looked 100? whatever you say, though. :)

    and homemade HORCHATA!?! i LOVE that stuff!!!

  2. so, i'm commenting again to let you know that i almost ALWAYS have to redo the captcha when i post bcuz i just don't get them! ugh.
    i am human...i promise!


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