Map Fever


Hey Tuesday!
How are you?
How's the week so far?

The weather has been so beautiful around these parts. Cool mornings, only slightly warm days.
I'm hoping to turn off the A/C for the final time in the next week or so.
We've had such a HOT and DRY summer that the weather guys are predicting a super cold winter.
And I say Bring It On! And snow too please. I love it!

So I have something to tell you.............
I really want a roll down map.
I see them on blogs, on Etsy, in magazines- and now I want one too.
Like this one from Etsy . 

But here's the thing, it's $50. And I just really can't justify spending that kind of money on a cool map that is going to hang above my couch. 

And remember when my lovely friend Mary from Finding Healthy Hope did a guest post of her map project?

Totally rad!
Someday, my map will come. And it will be cheap. Because that's what it will have to be right now if it's going to be.

But really, like really, really- I don't need a map.
It's just a thing that will hang on my wall and only provide temporary satisfaction or enjoyment. Don't get me wrong, that time frame might be 20 years. But it's not everlasting.
I'm trying to find joy and satisfaction in God these days. Looking to him for anything and everything.
Do I want my home to be comfortable and welcoming to all who enter mi casa- absolutely!
But more importantly I want them to feel God's presence there.

I'm following along with the gals doing #SheReadsTruth and the current study is on Galatians. And a lot of Galatians is about glorifying God, not man.

There have been times when I was concerned about how my blog looked or the type of pictures I took- but deep down, I just want everything I do and say to reflect God's Love.

Are any of you following along with #SheReadsTruth ?

On a lighter note, I've been cleaning up and fixing up my little home office/craft room.
It needed it so bad, it's pitiful!

It became a laundry dumping ground. And anything that didn't have an immediate place in the house, ended up in there to deal with later. Except I bet you know what happens to later right?
It never comes. And then the stuff just sits there and gets ignored and then it's a monster in there.

And then there's the stash of vintage linens and fabric. 
It's way out of hand.
Girlfriend either needs to get crafty or get rid of it!

So there's my messy mess.
Isn't it something?

Good news is- I've been working on clearing and decluttering.
And I'm going to post pics of the little office/craft room real soon!:) It's already become such a refreshing space to come and read my Bible, check emails, blog, waste time on Pinterest, etc.

There's even a spot for my little sleepy Beagle to snooze in the sun and still be with his mama.

Happy Day to you all!

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  1. i just love you.
    your perspective is SO right, girlfriend!
    you totally encouraged me today, because i find myself being discontented a lot, comparing to others, not considering that if I only aim to please Him, than nothing else really matters.
    thank you so much.
    life isn't perfect, it's never going to be, and things truly don't make us happy.
    i want my joy to come from Him and nothing matter the circumstances.

    ps. my laundry stash is BIGGER than yours. haha! and i have the same vintage linens issue.
    hmmmmmmmm...whatta we gonna do about that??? ;)


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