So I Married A Lumberjack


That's the hubby.
Showing that Log Splitter who's boss.
Those pieces of wood are GINORMOUS! (Don't spell check that)
He is so comfortable in the outdoors, manhandling his chainsaw and axe, he knows just where to put the oil and the gas. He is THE boss when it comes to wood cutting.

And me.......

I'm just there to look good.
Actually this is my: I'

And this is our Old Yeller.
I can barely climb into this truck. And sometimes it doesn't start without a little coaxing (thankfully it's not our only transportation!), the speedometer doesn't work and there is no a/c or radio.
But, it if a work horse. Hauling trailers, wood, boats, etc.
Never under estimate the power or an old farm truck my friends.

Watching the hubby use this axe was humbling. I can barely pick it up!
I was going to share an action shot of my stud muffing using it, but I forgot.
I'm just so thankful for a hubby who knows his way around the country life and for taking me out of my comfort zone and introducing me to new things.

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would helping my husband cut wood and loading it into the truck, covered in saw dust and sweat- I would have laughed in your face!
But here I am!
Thank you God!:)

Oh, and one more picture.

That my dear friends is a TARANTULA!
I want you to open your hand and look at your palm. Now cover up half or your palm. That's how big it's body was!!!!!!!!!!
Ewwwww!!!! Ewwwwww!

Sorry this picture is sort of hard to see but I was staying safely in the vehicle at a good distance.
I mean what if it jumped at me?? Or turned around to get me??

Yuck Yuck Yuck!
It's Fall Ya'll- and the tarantulas are OUT!
Thankfully my hubby says they are not aggressive or poisonous.

We are heading on a 2 day fishing trip with the hubby's grandparents.
Stay in a cabin by the lake! Can't wait!
Have a great day!

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  1. Love all that wood! That Teddy, he IS a work horse! Gotta love a hard working man! And that should have had old yeller run over that sucker! He wouldn't be alive if that would have been me! YIKES! That's HUGE!!!!! Have fun at the cabin!!!!


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