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I'm a girl who loves dates with my husband. Even though it's just the two of us, we don't spend all of our time being lovey dovey.  Stuff gets in the way. Like dirty dishes or a lawn that needs to be mowed or plans to do this or that. But I have decided a long time ago that I wanted to be intentional with the time we actually do get together. Which is only the weekends, as many of you know.

Then I came upon Rebekah's Blog at A Bit Of Sunshine. You should definitely check out her blog. I guarantee you will love it.3

She and a friend named Andi, who blogs over at Beautiful Ordinay Day have decided to have dinner dates with their husbands at home. You see they have small children to wrangle and limited budgets and yet want to keep the spark with their hubbys. Can we say FABUlous?! I love it! So their catchy theme of "Dinner at Eight" is so they can get their littles to sleep and then have the evening to themselves. Perfect.

So on our date night I snazzed up the table with candles and flowers and a cute little napkin holder I have been looking for everywhere. Not that I had that napkin holder specifically in mind, but I knew that I would know it when I see it. And I did. I borrowed a pretty vintage table cloth from my mom, lit some tea lights and it was lovely.
I prepared one of my hubby's favorite dinners and a surpise appetizer and dessert. Both he had never eaten but I just knew he would love.

While I was preparing dinner I sent the hubs into the living room with some peach iced tea and spinach artichoke dip and told him to go watch some documentatries on Netflix. He looked at me with wide eyes and said "Really?". Ok, let's get honest here. Sometimes I get on to him about being on the Internet too much. So the fact that I was giving him the green light was unbelievable to him. He was watching something on youtube about gun making or something with saws. Boys.

While he was chipping and dipping, he hollered into the kitchen how nice this was and it smelled awful good in the kitchen! That made my heart very happy that he was enjoying himself :)

The menu was this:

Appetizer: Spinach Artichoke Dip with tortilla chips
Main Course: Amish Meat Loaf with garlic mashed potatoes and corn (I forgot the green beans!)
Dessert: Mini Kiss Pies (So delish!)
Drinks: Peach ice tea with dinner and Sumatra Blend Coffee with dessert

We listened to Mumford and Sons while we ate dinner, this is a fav for us. And it reminds me of Fall and happiness which is always good!

After dessert we watched A Lot Like Love. Have you seen that movie? With Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet? I've seen it about 17 times, give or take a few. I love it!
It was a really nice evening. And it's amazing what happens when you don't nice, intentional things for your hubby. He felt loved and appreciated and romanced :) You know how great you feel after something special has been done for you right? Do that for someone else. You won't regret it. I promise.
Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was great!
Love, The Faithful City Mouse


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