Not much to report here today.

The hubs comes home today. Which makes my day super, fantastically awesome. I've got something sort of special planned for him. A date night, at home. I kind of slipped and told him about it. I have this bad habit about not being able to keep a secret. But he doesn't know ALL the details. Or what I'm going to make or how I'm going to snazz up the table. He also doesn't know the movie I picked or that I'm going to actually do my hair AND wear lipstick. Wowee :)

I've been loving this song. So of course I thought I would share it with you.
Francesca Batiselli, she rocks. Literally!

Have a blessed day! God loves you!
Stay tuned for pics on date night!

Video courtesy of via youtube.

Any plans for the weekend?

Love, The Faithful City Mouse

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