I'm A Bookie


I love to read. A lot. I can remember most summers in my life have involved reading. Even when I was young and reading during the summer was not required, I loved it no matter what.

The love of reading was shared to me by my mom and grandparents. They could often be found with their noses in a book and they passed it along to me. My mom would take me to the libray and it never ceases to amaze me that with the swipe of a plastic card, you could take home handfuls of books. Isn't that incredible? Those librarians have a lot of trust.

I used to love reading the Bernstein Bear books with my cousins. I wonder if they remember that? We would pile onto one of the beds at my grandparent's home, all snug in our jammies and my grandpa would read to us and do all the voices of Papa Bear and Mama Bear. And even when it was just me, my grandpa would read The Little House On The Prairie books. One chapter every night, sometimes  two if I was lucky.

Then I devoured books like the Babysitter Club series, Nancy Drew, Judy Blume books. Even in my adult life I sped thru the Harry Potter and Twilight Books. What can I say? I love books.

And if you read yesterday's post, you will know that I love coffee. And doesn't a mug of coffee go so very well with a good book?

I think I need this, really bad.

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What books have you read recently?

Have a great day! Read a Book!
Love, The Faithful City Mouse


  1. I love books too. And I love my bookie also!

  2. Awwww hubby, I love you too. You're the best book I ever read xoxo.

  3. I love to read too! :) I just read a book called uglies by scott westerfield. It was really good!

  4. I was a huge fan of the BSC! They made me want to babysit, until I realized that actual babysitting wasnt as entertaining as in the books. Hmm.. ;)


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