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Do you love Christmas like me? I bet you do. For a few weeks now I've been thinking about the Christmas cards we are going to send out. Last year was our First Christmas as a married couple. And this year is our First Christmas in our own home! With our very own tree! I love Firsts!

I'm not decided where to order my Christmas cards from yet. But I will tell you that I look for convenience. We don't have a printer so printing off a bunch of cards is not in my forecast this year.
There are so many places to choose from though.
Here are a few links to consider if you haven't gotten yours yet.

This one is from my girl Kendra with Keylime Digital Designs .

Here's one from

Christmas Card Templates from Etsy
Basically there is something to fit all of your digital card needs for this holiday. And many of these designers do birthday, wedding, baby and various other announcements.
If digital isn't really your speed, my best advice for holiday cards is your local dollar store. Because you just can't beat ten Christmas Cards for a dollar.

Have a great day!
Love The Faithful City Mouse

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  1. Thanks for posting about my cards! :)

    ... i know I am a little slow to comment but I really did read this post a few days ago... :)

    Hope everything is going good for you!
    Merry Christmas!!

    -Kendra xo


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