Small Town Living At It's Best!


Last night I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes, a chore I HATE by the way, and all of the sudden I notice that I've been hearing sirens for several minutes. So I peek out the kitchen window and see ambulance/fire truck lights a little down the street, maybe 3 houses down. I quickly dried my hands, got Charlie's leash on, shoes, hat, coat and we were out the door. After all, you don't grow up with a self proclaimed Neighborhood Watch and not want in on the action. And I want you to know that normally in a situation that includes hearing several sirens, I would call my dear friend Melba and ask her what the scanner is reporting. Hey- we live in a small town!

Back to the task, as we bolted out the door (without the camera), I realize that the Salem Christmas Parade is going on right past my street! I could have watched this from the cozy confines of my home, but getting in on the action was so much better. Charlie immediately sat right down in the driveway and enjoyed the show. I was mesmorized! I have never had anything that exciting happen right in front of my house.....ever! The fire trucks drove by with lights flashing, a float from the locally owned hardware store went by with all their family members on it, a float from the bank, a float from a few of the local churches and even some citizens on horses. And might I add that all of them were throwing candy! Some kid on the fire truck felt bad that it was just Charlie and I watching in our driveway and he yelled " Hey Lady! Here's some candy!...........But don't let your dog eat it, chocolate will kill him!" He kept smiling and let the float take him the half mile into the town square. Meanwhile, the neighbors had their broom out and were gathering as much candy as they could out of the street. Classic.

I really can't describe to you how much it made my heart happy to be a part of this 10 minute escapade. Life is really so unpredictable, one never knows what's around the corner or even in their own front yard!

Now I'm inside enjoy a warm cup of Christmas Eve tea, typing away near the Christmas tree.
Life is good isn't it?

Enjoy your day!

Love the Faithful City Mouse

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