Joy Unspeakable


There is a song called Joy Unspeakable that you could find in most any hymnal in any rural church across America. It's a cheerful song and depending on who sings it, might even have a southern twang.
I have been thinking about Joy a lot lately. It's that time of year when Joy is something we just expect to show up. It's Christmas, a time that is merry and bright. But it's not that way for everyone. Not everybody is enjoying hot chocolate by the twinkling tree and has invitations to a holiday party. For some people they are facing foreclosures, loss of loved ones and other unspeakable heart breaks.
Who is there for those people?
And what about the people who are going thru the motions regardless? Still celebrating, still having Christmas funded by credit cards, still spending time alone and FEELING alone?
I'm very fortunate to have a family and even though every family has their own craziness, some people wish they had that.

I came across a blog today called Scotty Boy and Katy Girl. I think you will like it. A lot.
A few posts ago, she wrote about Joy.
I copied a few of her words below. Definitely gives you something to think about this time of year. And really something we should think about all the time.

the story takes place in acts 13 & 14 and paul & barnabas were being persecuted by unbelieving Jews for preaching the gospel. and one thing led to another and they ended up getting stoned by these people like crazy and basically left to die. in fact, most people thought paul was dead. and you would think they might take a day, week, month off of their journey to catch up on life and heal and recuperate. i mean, i would have. but scripture says that basically, paul got up and kept going. scripture says that pauls heart was "filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit." in fact, he simply got up and went back to share the gospel with the very people that almost killed him. and then the next day, he left to go share the gospel with more people. after being stoned and left to die, his heart still ached to share the gospel with lost people all over the place.

when i read that story, i realize how badly i want to be the kind of person who has so much joy in the Lord that i cannot help but keep going. i want to be the kind of person that when i'm at my lowest point - when i've been betrayed or hurt or gossiped about or even persecuted in our own modern way - that i would just say it was worth it and get up and keep walking. keep shining God's light all around me. keep sharing his Word with anyone around me. keep letting the joy of the Lord be my strength - strength enough to get up off the ground and keep on matter how bad life hurts or how bad i want to give up. i'd love for one second of my life to have the kind of faith that paul did.

what if JOY looked like that?
Christmas songs would take on a whole different meaning.

Thank you for reading and Have a Great Day!
Love The Faithful City Mouse

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