Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog


My grandma used to sing that song to me when I was little everytime we pulled into the driveway after a day of errands or a trip elsewhere. I think in my head I still hear that everytime I pull into my own driveway, even after all these years. (sniff, sniff)

Lately I've been feeling like the ultimate home body. I just LOVE being at home. I feel like our home really reflects us and our personalities. Or rather maybe it's just my personality as Mr. Jeter doesn't have much say in the decoration. Hmmmm......

Anywho, as you know I'm a little bit of a blog groupie and one of the blogs I read pretty regularly is called Life Made Lovely, written by a gal named Heather. She has a string of guest bloggers who do a "Home Tour" and I la-la-la love it!
Here are a few of the home tours that I wish were my own and reflect my comfy/cozy home as well.

Crystal's Home Made Lovely Tour
AnnaLea's Home Made Lovely Tour
Erin's Home Made Lovely Tour
These are just a few on her website! You should check out Heather's Blog and the lovely ladies mentioned above. So many decorating ideas, and most of the ladies mention repurposing, spray paint, thrifting and free for their home decor! Who doesn't love fashion with a bargain?!

Have a Happy Home! Make it you!

The Faithful City Mouse

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