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Craft Goodness, that is the name of one of my boards on Pinterest. If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, I suggest you run, not walk to your computer and then email me for an invite and get started already!

Ok, now that we have that cleared up, I want to show you some crafty goodies I have found on that inspired me to get crafting.

I need something cute for our door and maybe other rooms in the house. I've been seeing this cute wreath ideas and here are a few of my favorite.
The one above would look great with a "J" for the Jeter family's front door don't ya think? :)

And here is the one with a link on how to start a foam wreath.

Have you made any wreaths or something else for the home recently? Hopefully I will have pics to share of my crafting soon!
Please share!

Have a great day!

The Faithful City Mouse

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