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Are you a reader like me? Are you also a movie person? I bet you are.
Now I dont' like just any movie or book. I prefer ones that have somewhat cheerful story lines or a not to sad ending. I only occassionally go outside this comfort zone. I finally got to watch The Help last week because my sweet husband bought it for me. He's the greatest.
And I've been hearing a lot about The Hunger Games lately and so I picked up a copy at Walmart last night. Some of you are probably wondering why I didn't check it out at the library and you are right. I should have looked there first. But in my defense, it is a small library, and they close before I get off work and open after I'm already at work. And besides, owning the copy is a great way to pass it on to friends and family or even donate it to the library once finished reading.

Have you read the Hunger Games? So far I've ready up to the third chapter and I can tell it's going good. Nothing like what I would normally read, but still great.
Here's the clip in case you are interested. :)

Have a great day!
Love The Faithful City Mouse

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  1. Hunger Games is the best series EVER (except for Harry Potter). When I try to explain it to people, they think I'm insane. But when they actually read it, they love it!


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