Catching Up......


As I re-read that title, I almost thought it was going to say "Catching Fire"....even though I'm the one who typed it.
Dork Alert!

Did I tell you that I got to watch a movie while I was in Chicago last week???? With my hubby and cool cuz Nathan. We saw "Chronicle".

I'm not sure if I would reccomend it or not. I liked it and I definitely laughed, and it was a movie (which you know I LOVE!) but I wouldn't tell you to pay $10 to see it. Maybe netflix or something.

Since I was gone for 2 weeks, I was so out of the loop. I didn't think about everyday, regular stuff. I was consumed with cancer thoughts, family thoughts, future of my grandparent's thoughts, etc. etc.

I didn't blog or read my blogs.
I missed both. A lot.
So since I've been home, I've been reading my fav blogs, only to realize for the 27th time, how much I want/NEED to attend Craft Weekend.
Meg of the blog Whatever is the host and Kimberlee who blogs over at The Driveway of Life is her co-host/chef for the weekend.
I sent Meg an email asking her what I need to do to secure a spot. I even mentioned donuts and other briberies. I'm hoping they think it's cute over el creepo.
I am on the waiting list . And you can be too.
Check out Craft Weekend #2.
Can you stand the loveliness? The colors, the girl time, the crafts, the food, the major swag. Sigh. My heart longs to go. Big time.

Meg? Kimberlee? Are you reading this? :)
I want to come to Craft Weekend so bad it HURTS! I'll come early and help set up, I'll stay late and help clean up. I'll make brownies, bring laughs, pet Waffle, do dishes- you name it!

 And I have told the hubs that whenever I get the email saying I am invited to Craft Weekend I will be saying YES immediately and likely start packing my bags.
Did I mention I have a hot glue gun? Thought that might help.

Regardless of whether I ever make it to Craft Weekend, I will faithfully continue to read their blogs and love what God is doing thru them. There are some serious amount of of women reading their blogs, seeing and watching God's work thru these amazing women. And that is awesome!God is love.God IS LOVE! Really.

Hope you're having a great day!


  1. :)
    I hope you get a spot SOON!!!
    I'm glad that's Kimberlee's job and not mine.
    So hard to only pick 11.
    Just so you know.....there are over 400 on the list.
    Thanks for the blog love! See you at CW someday...for sure!

  2. That is SO awesome that so many women want to get crafty with you! What an awesome ministry!
    Glad you liked the post :)
    See you someday! :)

  3. What a fun post, Rachel!
    I hope that you can make it someday, too.
    We use a random generator to pick the girls---fingers crossed!


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