Virtual Coffee With Amy


Hello! Happy Tuesday!

I'm linking up with Amy today.


She hosts a weekly Virtual Coffee on Tuesdays at her blog Lucky Number 13.

She's super cute and has an adorable home too.

So being that I love all things coffee, I knew I had to jump on board. Hopefully this will become a regular Tuesday deal here at Faithful City Mouse.

A few weeks ago I cleaned up the Cusinart coffee pot and put it under the counter. I felt like I needed to control my coffee intake (with a LOT of encouragement from the hubberooni). And instead I whipped out an old percolator that my mom handed down to us.

Isn't it cute? It's make a lot of gurggling noises before it gets going, but once she decides to brew, watch out!
That mug is one that I choose over most others. And I do have many to choose from. That could be an entire post I think. The mugs of Rachel Jeter. Anywho, I digress.

If you came over for a real coffee date, not just a virtual one, I would surely have something scrumptious for us to snack on. Lately I think about donuts.all.the.time. Or maybe a pie. Pie and coffee go so well together.

-I would bring you to the craft room and show you my progress. Slow but steady. That's me.
-We could talk about how we wish there would have been more snow this year, but we're so ready for Spring!
-That we're counting the days until the tulips, irises and peonies start blooming.
-How a camping trip is definitely in order.
-That even though we live in a small town without a Starbucks, we can still enjoy a made from home cup of coffee as long as the mug is awesome.
-I would ask you what your favorite book might be and if you have any suggestions for me?
-What's your go to hair routine? Do you wash it everyday? Use products? Curl?Straighten? I'm always looking for hair ideas you see.

And since we would no doubt be having our coffee talk on the couch (so much more comfy!), I would let you snuggle my stinky little Beagle boy Charlie.

You can't resist his cuteness can you ? I know. Me either. :)

Hope your Tuesday is awesome!


  1. MMmmm...PIE. I could definitely go for some pie and coffee! It's been so long since I had pie. Hmm, favorite book? I have so many! What kind do you like to read? On my blog, I like to put up posts on books I really enjoyed. If you like women's fiction (esp. historical or Asian), you might find something to whet your fancy here:

  2. yummy coffee and snacks!!
    though your pooch probably won't want to snuggle up to me - i smell too much of molly cat :)

  3. oh my, i am so in love with that dog. we have two old lady beagles, about 13 and 14...and although i sware i will not have a pet for quite a while i think yours might be the cutest thing ever! i am so ready fro spring, can't wait for everything to start blooming!! thanks for coffee.

  4. Thank you @Jade for the comment. I will definitely stop by your blog for book reccomendations. I like to read period, but mainly I like happy stories. Call me silly! @Claire, Charlie isn't biased in the least. He actually likes cats too! So come on over and bring Molly girl :)
    @Amy. Thank you for sharing my Beagle Love. I'm pretty smitten with him. I'm so glad you started Virtual coffee. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE your blog?! :)


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