Insta Friday


I'm going to make this a habit on Fridays from here on out.
Showing my week or whatever I have a chance to take pics of.

And just so your warned, I took a LOT of pics this week. :)

Enjoyed a fire in our fire pit. So nice!

Snuggling Beagle. Oh how I love him!

Favorite coffee mug discounted after season from Starbucks many years ago.

Easiest peanut butter/chocolate pie ever. And sprinkles makes everything better doesn't it?

I told you we have garden fever! We (and when I saw we, I mean my hubby ) got all this in the garden over the weekend. Salad mix, Chinese Red Meat radish, spinach. We are going to have an awesome salad in a few months!

A bin of red onions at the Feed Store. We came home with several scoops of those!

Somewhat drooling over the new cow girl boots. Also at the feed store. Everytime I go in there, I'm still suprised and amazed at what I see in there. Bins of cow de-wormer, ropes for lassoing, john deer this and that. I love it all. Not something you would ever see in the city.

And a suprise lunch date with the honey :) We even shared bread pudding. Yummmmmo!

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Happy Friday

life rearranged

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