Hello Monday


How was your weekend?
Do anything fun?

This post will be a buffet of randomness. My brain works like that usually. All over the place. I probably have a case of undiagnosed ADD. When I told me my mom this runs in the family, she looked at me like I had 3 eyeballs. Further confirming that I am right, in my opinion.

I love this outfit combo and the colors.
I thought this pic of a kitchen is adorable. As soon as I saw this pic I envisioned it to be a kitchen in Sweden, very Ikea-ish. Don't ask me why, I just got that vibe. When I clicked on the link, it took me to a blog written in a language I don't know. And one of the first words I picked out was "Ikea". Do I know my stuff or what?! Ha!

And this was just too funny not to share for all my Hunger Games homies.
This is nearly exactly what I thought when reading the first book. I would clearly be one of the first to die, because I cannot run fast and I don't like camping for more than a few days. So clearly a long period of time in the wilderness without smores, a tent and my air mattress would NOT work for me. Now you know.

I'm having some serious chalk board love. And there are about a zillion pictures of them on pinterest. And now we live in an age of "chalkboard paint"! What will they think of next!?
When I was younger I used to love writing on the chalk board at school. And I also had a mini one at home that I would use to play school with my dolls.

All pics found on Pinterest.

Have a great day!

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