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life rearranged

Every Friday Jeanett hosts "Insta Friday".
Where you load up your pics from the week, mostly likely ones you have snapped on the fly with your cell phone.

This is my first week linking up and I'm giddy. :)
life rearranged

So here we go.
This is our new little heater. My grandparent's got this for us at Christmas time. Isn't it adorable?

Since we don't have kids yet, a lot of pics are centered around our fur baby Charlie. That's right, fur baby. We're kind of nuts about him. I mean look at that sweet little snuggly,sleepy face. I could just eat him up with kisses!
This is a pic of my grandparents on their wedding day. I think they both look so radiant and happy. 64 years later, they still look at each other all lovey dovey. My heart melts when I look at this picture.
I'm a big fan of quiche's. Probably because they involve cheese and are SO easy to make. So this week I made an onion and swiss quiche and snacked on it for lunches and dinner. Yumm!
I can't believe how awesome this pic turned out. From my iPhone no less! The sun was just right. And the glistening lake looks so inviting. We are so lucky to have this nice city park in our small town. I don't take Charlie here nearly enough for walks, but I'm going to make this a habit from now on.

And because I know you wanted to see just one more picture of my silly little beagle. Here is Charlie the Wonder Dog enjoying a snow day :)

Happy Friday!

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