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Do you read blogs? Some everyday?
There are days where I wish I could sit somewhere, with a never ending mug of coffee,possibly a piece or two of my husband's famous red velvet cake and read blogs. All. Day. And if somehow I could get paid to do so, even better.
Which blog I look at first varies, but there are a few that I look at everyday.

We will start with one of my favorites by Megan Duerksen-

This blog is a never ending source of inspiration to me. She has a love for color and design and finds beauty in just about everything. She takes great pictures, loves coffee and has a dog named Waffle! I even read archived entries of this blog and laugh and laugh and laugh. Her sense of humor is fabulous!
Dear Meg- I heart you and wish we could share a piece of your rainbow cake and a big mug of coffee someday! And PS. I'm saving my pennies for the next craft weekend!

The next blog I go to is by Maggie Whitley at She rocks! I have written about her before, but I can't really tell you how much I love her blog. See previous posts to get the idea.

The next blog is a little different from the other two. It's by Jenna Woginrich at

It's about a 20 something girl living in upstate New York who has a farm. By herself. Can you grasp that? I fell in love with her story when I purchased her book Made From Scratch on Amazon. I devoured it in about 2.5 days. Seriously. I couldn't put it down. She also loves coffee (notice a trend here?), bakes her own bread, sews, writes books, gardens, makes her own jam and the list goes on and on. There isn't much she can't do. And the most magnificent part of it all is that she took life by the handles and told it what she was going to accomplish. And she LOVES it!

If you don't read blogs, I urge you to do so. There is something for everyone in the blogging world. A passion a dream an inspiration. It's all there for the taking. There is a huge community out there of bloggers just waiting to be read. Something I really like doing is writing to the authors of the blogs I adore. They enjoy hearing that you like their blog and getting a word of encouragement.

If you need an idea of some more blogs to read, start with this list above and below. Have a great weekend!

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