I picked several tomatoes from the garden tonight and added them to the already full bowl of tomatoes waiting to be eaten.
You see back in February when we ordered seeds and planned our garden, we were a little greedy. We planted enough tomatos to choke a horse. Maybe.
Because what else is there to think about in the cold months of winter but the delicious bounty that will be something come summer?
We nurtured these seeds in the kitchen, watered them regulary (ok sometimes I forgot!), then planted them in the new raised beds my hubby built for me.
And now, fast forward many months- I am eating the fruits of our labor, literally. A juicy tomato accompanied with salt and mayo on whole wheat. It was wonderful!
When I was little my grandma would eat tomatoes straight out of the garden like apples. It was her summer routine. At least that's how I remember it. I think I inherited my love of tomatos from her.

Isn't it incredible that God created all the food in the world for us? He named the fruits and veggies, he created the knowledge of taking care of them and therefore we can enjoy them today.
Thank you God for my tomatoes.


  1. Hey Rachel... like you, I am blog OBSESSED. Glad to see that you are working on one of your own; I am now a subscribed reader! Fun to see what you are up to on the farm :)

    - Catie

  2. Hey Catie! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for exciting changes on the blog complete with a new look hopefully within a week or two.
    Great to hear from you! Hope married life is treating you well :)


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