Mouse In The House.....


Let's pretend for a minute that I had a mouse in my house. And I wasn't happy about it. And it caused me to creep aroud corners and make loud noises before I entered rooms to be sure and let "the mouse" know I was coming.
Let's also pretend that I wake up inspecting the areas that we have strategically placed traps, to see if maybe this time we got him. And that I may or may not have called " the mouse" names. Some not so nice.

You see the ironic thing about this blog is the title. the Faithful City Mouse. I decided to name my blog after the popular children's book (at least it was popular back in my day) where a country mouse goes to visit his city mouse cousin and then the city mouse cousin goes to visit his country mouse cousin. It always made me think of my own cousins who moved away to Minnesota when I was young. We were raised like brothers and sister, and I missed them terribly! I picked the city mouse over the country mouse because I was raised in the city, although now I'm living in what I refer to as the country. My husband would say we live in a busy town.

The even more ironic part of this blog and it's title is that shortly after I became serious about blogging, is when we discovered that we weren't the only ones living here. That we had a visitor. A visitor that frankly is NOT welcome. What is a city girl to do? A mouse in the house?

For awhile we only saw traces of said mouse. Not the actual mouse. Then one night after dinner with my parents, we saw him. The little guy scurried across the kitchen. Needless to say I screamed and ran to jump on the couch. That's what they do in the movies right?

For all I know "the mouse" checks his email at night when we go to bed and helps himself to cookies and milk from the fridge. All I can think of is the Disney movie "Ratatouille". Except in my case it would be "mouseatouille" .And dear, sweet, precious Jesus, PLEASE don't let there be one million mice living in the ceiling above my kitchen. It really might put this city girl over the edge.

But we are just pretending ......... :)

And just in case some of you haven't seen the movie "Ratatouille", here is a clip. Cute in the movie. Not so cute in real life. And the clip I wanted to show you.....well, it's in Spanish. Sorry about that.

Love and Blessings,
The Faithful City Mouse


  1. I would have loved to see this, hypothetically of course. :)

  2. I love this post! I found you off of Whatever blog...This city mouse just moved to a small town older home and we also had a "pretend visitor." How do you cope?? I still turn lights on first and make noise walking into rooms. It freaks me out and it has been a couple months since we have seen any trace of him.

    Trisha in Kansas

  3. Hey Trisha! I was nearly beside myself when the mouse incident happened. And YES, I too am still weary when I walk into an area where I knew he once was. Who knew a little mouse could be SO traumatizing! Glad you like the post and thanks for stopping by!


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