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Lately I've been craving some good girl time. Do you know what I mean? The kind of girl time that involves talking and laughing, cupcakes and coffee? Maybe even a sleep over of sorts? For any of the males that might be reading this- just ask your wife or girlfriend and they will fess up. Girl time is the best. That isn't saying that I don't love my husband or hanging out with family, but every once in awhile it's important to get with the girls. Even for just one evening.

For those of you that don't have girlfriends, do you want to be mine? We can be virtual, online buddies? Maybe even exchange snail mail here and there? I'm up for it if you are. Leave a comment below if you want to exchange emails.
Even if you have girlfriends and you want more, because we can never have TOO many friends right?

On various blogs that I read I see the wives and moms talk about how much they loved a girl's night out, much like a date night. It's a chance to get out of the house! To do your hair a little special, slap on a little lig gloss, try out those new flats you're dying to wear somewhere other than the grocery store.

I was thinking that with all this girl talk, we could look for a little inspiration. And where else to look for that then at (in)courage. I caught a little video there the other day and was so inspired. Not only for my blog, but also my friendships. So often when reading the blogs I love, I see about creating a group or community online. I love this idea!
Check out this video from (In)Courage and check out their website. It is full to the brim with positive tid bits and a daily devotional. I personally get it sent to my inbox everyday.

Love and blessings, From the Faithfulcitymouse

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  1. There is nothing like girl time! My friends and I recently started a monthly get together to chat, exchange coupons and talk about fun frugal ideas. We might cook at some or do cookie exchanges or scrapbook...all sorts of different things. I'm excited!

    I am always up for online friendships! Feel free to e-mail me about anything and I will happily respond. We can exchange great finds on pinterest, yummy recipe ideas, fun blogs, etc.


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