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I came upon this Blog. The Modern Marigold by Amanda. She's pretty cool. And crafty.
She has a way with vintage sheets. Turns them into crafty masterpieces like skirts, purses, shirts. You should really check out her Etsy Shop. I think you will like it.

One of my favorite things from Amanda is her tutorial for "Easy Peasy Curtains". Dont worry, she said I could share this with you :)

As some of you know I recently got a sewing machine. It's white and pink. I really love it. Up until this past weekend I had never sewed anything. Seriously. My friend Jamie helped me make a pillow case. I know I should have pictures of this, but I don't. I'm still getting used to the carry-my-camera-all-over-the-place-so-you-can-document-an-experience-at-anytime-thing. I'll get there. Promise.
If you end up trying this, send me a pic. And I promise to do the same.
And most importantly, go tell Amanda how much you love her tutorial/shop/blog/style.
I look forward to getting to know Amanda more in the future. I think there is a lot to be learned from her.

So readers- do you have anything crafty that you are working on? Please share!
Have a great day!
Love and Blessings,
The Faithful City Mouse


  1. woot! thanks for the shout out, girly. :) I have been working on a big ole' pile of skirts... if I could just finish them! :)

  2. Yes actually! I just made some really cute halter dresses for Sofia (age 2) from a few of my halters that sadly shrunk. I pinched the fabric just behind the sides so the fabric fit the girth, sewed it up, and added matching buttons to cover the stiches. :) Lots of compliments.

  3. @Amanda thanks again for letting me share! :) You rock!

    @KJ I would love to see what you made for your little darling Sofia, is there anything you can't do?! :) Miss and love you!


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