How cool would it be......


How cool would it be if I woke up and my hair looked like this....
And then I ate this for breakfast.......

And of course I couldn't start my day with out coffee.......

I would spend time at the lake picking up rocks......

Have a few friends over for a low key lunch ....
Take a nap on this bed.....

Make dinner for the hubs in my kitchen........
Spend some time under the stars with same bunch I had over for lunch.....
And do it all over again tomorrow.
Would that be cool?
I actually really like my life. And my house. My sometimes stinky dog. My kitchen that often has dirty dishes in the sink (just being honest). My unfinished, full of clean clothes that I haven't put away yet laundry room. My town which has NO Starbucks ( I know!). My bed which is typically made. And even the mouse that once frequented this house (Yes, I really do think he is GONE!).
God gave this life to me. Not my neighbor, or my cousin or the lady selling peaches on the square.
He knew that I could handle everything he threw my way (even when I'm not so sure). He knew that I would love to read and not be able to pass up the laundry detergent aisle without taking a sniff. He knew that I would grow up a city girl but be the happiest in a small country setting. He knew the wonderful man of God that He was preparing just for ME! That was pretty awesome of Him. And lucky for my hubby (wink wink).
Thank you God for MY life. Thank you for my family that loves me. Thank you for taking care of me.

Be thankful for your circumstances right now. Not what could have been, or what should be, or even what you wish to be. Just be thankful in the place you are at right now. God's got a plan for you. And if you keep your focus on Him, he'll send you the directions.

"But Godliness with contentment brings great gain"  1 Timothy 6:6

I hope you have a great day!
Love and Blessings,

The Faithful City Mouse

* All pictures are courtesy of pinterest.
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  1. Great post! Love all the pictures but also love the reminder that God gave us our life and we're very blessed. Thanks for reminding me!

    Found you over at Key Lime Digital Design

  2. Thank you for stopping by! I had a chance to check out your blog as well! Really cute. I even took a button :) Have a great weekend!


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