My hubby, My best friend


Tonight, the hubs and I went for ice cream. We go to this little place in Mammoth Springs, AR. It's called the Spring Dipper because it's right off of the Spring River. My hubby, always looking for a laugh, calls it the Skinny Dipper. And if I say "Hey! Let's go to the Spring Dipper for some ice cream..." He says "Where? I don't know what you're talking about, never heard of it......" until I too say "Skinny Dipper". Does your husband do this ? Silly boys.

The terrible thing about the Spring Dipper is their ice cream is homemade, with love I may add. And all of it is totally FAT FREE! (Ok, I made that up!) So their ice cream is memorable, as in I think about it WAY more than I should.

I had really big hopes of taking pics of us while there, even brought the camera along. But it never made it out of the truck. And once we were in the ice cream shop, we were really distracted by a large family in there ordering ice cream. We are definitely people watchers. I can't help it, it runs deep in my blood. I come from a long line of people watchers. Anywho......they also make their own waffle cones, right there in front of you. Which brought me back to my days of slinging ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. What a job!

I sometimes think to myself that we never go on date nights or have planned things we go to, like a movie or out to a special dinner. But then tonight reminded me of how awesome it is to connect over little trips to get ice cream or just sitting around the house dreaming and talking or cooking together.

I'm really thankful that I have a hubby who is my best friend. He is my number one fan and supports everything I do. He encourages me and loves me no matter what. I would choose to spend a day with him over just about anyone else, unless of course Meg from whatever wanted to hang out and get coffee. It's ok, he would understand.
So since I lamed out on taking pics of the impromptu ice cream date, I'm going to share a pic from our honeymoon number two. (I will tell you that story some other time) The pic behind us was on the front of the cabin we stayed at in Eureka Springs, AR. A fabulous place! The sign says "Congrats Edward and Rachel"! How sweet :)

Happy Monday!



  1. Beautiful Post, Love your photo!
    Yes very Sweet! :)

  2. Thank you! :) And thanks for stopping by! :) Happy Saturday!


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