Ciao Bella


When you read that title did you think " Say Whaaaaaat?"
I bet my husband did. :)

Fun Fact:
Did you know that I usually schedule my new posts to post at 5am everyday so that my early rising hubby can read them where ever he may be?

Ok that sounded weird.

For those of you just tuning in, the hubberooni works hard all week surveying the great highways of Arkansas for the state. As in he stays in a hotel in some town anywhere in the state or Arkansas Monday-Friday.
If they are going to expand a highway, build a bridge, design a new expressway- he and his crew drive out to the proposed site and measure away. I think they might do a little goofing around too, but don't tell his boss ok? It's mostly hard work, out in the elements all year round. That means when it's cold and snowy here, he packs his long undies and when it's July and we have weeks maybe months in the 100 degree range, he's out sweating his booty off in that weather too.

God bless that man for working so hard for our family.

So back to my Italian " Ciao Bella".

I came across this little cooking series on Yahoo.
They call it :

You need to check this out.
The chef is named Fabio mmmkay?

This video is about 2 minutes long......just watch it ok?

And I would like to invite him over for dinner to cook for the hubby and I.
Wonder how that would turn out? Ha!

This is the first VIDEO I watched.
( I couldn't get it to embed, sorry.)

I think you will like it too :)
And then you will go check out the other videos and come back here and tell me which is your favorite recipe ok? Ok.

I often become so repetitive with what I make for meals.
Spaghetti- check.
Tacos- check.
Sandwiches- check.
Chicken something-check.


It seems like the same old same old shows up every week.
With garden season coming up and frugal living on our minds, I'm all about stretching a dollar yet having healthy, delicious meals.
Who's with me?

What are your thoughts for meals?
Have any go to meals you'd like to share?

1 comment:

  1. i'm with you on frugal, fresh and yummy!
    i need ideas too...i had to giggle about your menu list.
    looks MIGHTY familiar!
    i've been branching out with cookbooks lately, but i still have the stand bys. booooooring! haha!
    praise the Lord for a hard workin man!
    and i totally plan on answering that email, i just need some extra time to do it{it may or may not be LONG}. :)
    have a wonderful day girlie! :)
    gotta go make coffee now!


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