Yippee! It's Friday!


Hello Friday!
I've missed you!
It really doesn't matter what I have going on for the weekend, I am always glad for Friday.

Today I don't have anything uniform to share, just a sprinkling of this and that.

I discovered this blog called Bowl Full of Lemons. And they have a house tour that you will love browsing thru!

And if you are in to that sort of thing like me, you will love Heather over at Life Made Lovely and Her Home Made Lovely series. 

Over at Megan's there is always something good to eat, like this and this and this. I could go on and on about how much I love her blog and her recipes, but when you go for a visit you will figure that out pretty quickly :)

I've been stock piling books in my cart on Amazon, whether I will ever purchase them all is another question. But it doesn't hurt to do a little virtual window shopping right?

This video is totally intriguing to me. And this is exactly what the hubby and I would like to do.
You can check out this website here.

I bought this cd over the weekend specifically because of this song. I know, I know- I could have just bought the song on iTunes. Whatever.

I must warn you, that if you listen to this while driving it will make you drive fast.
Just saying.

Have a great Friday!
Tomorrow we are heading to our town's first ever Farmer's Market, so excited!

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