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It's Wednesday! Woohoo! My mom always used to say Happy H_ _ _ p Day. It weirded me out.
And even now that I'm an adult, I still filter it. But regardless, I'm always glad to see Wednesday because it's that much closer to Friday.

So, I'm pairing up with Alicia @ La Famille Today. She's early into a cool Wednesday project called The Happy Day Project. And while I'm not a mom, I am a gal who needs a break and to feel special every once in awhile.

The prompt for this week was to plant a garden. Holler!
I thought to myself,  "Alicia- I'm already on it girl".
And so here are some pictures, that I can't remember if I've shared or not, some old, some new.

Our garden is already thriving ya'll! Living in the South with early, warm Springs definitely has it's advantages.

We started with seeds. And LOTS of them. I have saved some of the seed packages and still like whipping them out. They are so pretty aren't they?

In no time our squash started looking like this. In the future I don't think we will waste time "starting" squash seeds. Those suckers can be planted directly and they go to town quickly. For real.

Pretty soon the garden looked like this.
We have a European mix of lettuces and spinach, onions and some turnips in this bed.
We have 5 garden beds total that the hubby built for me. He knows my love language.
Here's a closer look. And this is actually an older pic. Our lettuce is now 3-6 inches taller and the onions are starting to bloom, which I can't remember if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

These onions are not only beautiful but mild in flavor and great thrown in a salad, sauce or quiche. Perfect!

We've got so much salad that I bring it to work for lunch, we eat a side salad with almost every meal and we even delivered a garden fresh salad in a bag to the neighbors ( with a jar of strawberry jam of course!)

I never was a huge salad fan until it came right from the garden. The taste is like none other, especially when paired with a simple olive oil and vinagrette combo. A dash of lemon juice, salt and pepper can be enough too.

In addition to our salads we also have potatoes growing and in fact have already eaten one this morning in my quiche. We will have cucumber, zucchini, yellow squash, melons, broccoli, cabbage, corn and a variety of pepers and tomatoes.

My husband is the real green thumb, he grew up on a farm after all. And while we had a garden growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, it was nothing like what we've got going on now. We may even sell a few items at the Farmer's Market next weekend. Woohoo!

For all of you reading thinking I could never do this.....Yes you can!
Just start small, put a few plants in tubs on your deck or porch. Cherry tomatoes grow easily in planters. Lettuces don't need much room to grown and neither do onions. Herbs can easily be placed in planters as well. Just try it! You won't regret it! :)

So go check out Alicia's Blog and tell her that Rachel sent you. You will LOVE her decorating style and way with words. Promise! :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. yay! i love fresh veggies from the garden, but i have a total brown thumb. :(
    we do have a sweet herb garden though! :)
    have a happy day fellow instagrammer! it's been fun following you on there!

    ps...can i be your neighbor..for many reasons...one being that you would bring me your amazing garden goodness!?

  2. just so you know, my mouth is watering now!! wow!! you guys know how to rock a garden!! amazing produce...off to make a salad :)

  3. wow! i'm impressed, we don't even have any of our stuff out yet! good job! {came from alicia's}

  4. I am inspired again! I think I will give this a try... maybe start small with herbs. Thanks Rachel! ~Kristine


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