Howdy everyone!
Friday is HERE!
And we are on our way to Oklahoma this weekend for a short trip!
I definitely look forward to a little road trip with my main squeeze.
Charlie the Wonder Dog will be having a slumber party at grammy and grampy's house- yes we are dorks for referring to my parents like that in reference to our dog. What can I say? It's who we are.

We're still having major Barn Heart over here. If you are just joining in, catch up with me on this post HERE.

So I was wasting time on Pinterest, naturally, and found some farmy things I want to share with you.

I don't know about you, but I'm totally swooning over these pictures. I know subscribe to Country Living, Mother Earth News and The New Pioneer ( I think that's the title.)
I never thought that this girl who came from California, to Chicago to NYC would ever end up in Arkansas let alone be thinking and dreaming and wishing and hoping and praying for REAL farm living.
 It just goes to show that God does work in mysterious ways.

This last quote makes me think of my grandpa, who moved into a skilled nursing home yesterday. He read me every book from the Little House on The Prairie series when I was younger, taught me how to whistle and lick an ice cream cone just right so it doesn't drip down your hands. I pray that this  is a smooth transition for he and my grandma and that he gets the very best care available. I know God has His hands in this and while none of us are thrilled with this option, it seems to be the best right now.
And to prevent anymore tears from falling, I will bid you a HAPPY WEEKEND!
Be appreciative of each and every day you have with your loved ones, enjoy each moment.
See you Monday!

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