Happy Day Project



Last week Alicia prompted us to do a little task for her Happy Day Project.

Here's what she says :

"...write up a summer list just for you.
Here's my list from last summer if you need more ideas..."

I don't know where she got that cute little template for making a list, but remind me to ask her ok?

So here goes my Summer wish list:

Keep my little tootsies looking good, and toe nails painted.

Read books. Lots of them.

Make bible reading and excercising a daily habit.

Take advantage of the fresh, seasonal produce at our finger tips and from the Farmer's Market and cut out the processed junk.

Go camping.

See a movie at a drive in theater with my honey.


Swimming in the lake.

Canoe trip down the river.

Bbq's and bonfires.

Have you made a summer list yet?

What are your plans?

Now go check out Alicia's Blog and see what all the other bloggers linked up with.

Have a Happy Day!


  1. GREAT list!
    my list for the summer is to not have a list!
    but really, i should totally make one!
    heehee! ;)

  2. Love your list! Camping and a drive-in date.... love those!

  3. ah, wish we still had a drive in here!

  4. looks like a great list! great stuff!! thanks so much for linking :)


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