Oh Happy Day! It's Wednesday!



Good Morning!
I'm linking up with Alicia @ La Famille today.

To read more about her project and find about how you can join in, read here.

Her last week's prompt was to throw a little lipstick on. I was wondering if there was any dudes joining in and did this challenge???? :)

So this past weekend the hubby and I were in Oklahoma for a short trip, and I got a little dolled up for a date night.

See the glossy lipsstick?!
When we were dating and early married, I always did my hair and looked cute for my hubby. I'm sad to say I don't do that very often anymore. In fact more often than not I don't do my hair, don't get dolled up and think things like "When was the last time I shaved my legs?!"
This night, from the picture above, I felt pretty. You can't see in this picture, but I even braided my bands and straightened my hair! Wow!

Our king size hotel bed was SUPER comfy! I wanted to take it home with us but couldn't fit it in the Subaru. Bummer.

Anytime that I can get Starbucks is a good time.
This was a Venti iced Americano, light ice, with room, 3 sugars please.
So refreshing on a 90 degree something day in Tulsa. Whew!

Got to spend some time (and money) at Barnes and Noble. I could seriously browse at books forever.
Especially the gardening/homesteading/make our earth a better place kind of books.

Before we left, we picked these potatoes from the garden. I couldnt believe how big some of them were! Of course the teeny tiny ones were great too. Eaten raw they tasted like a really healthy potato chip!
There are a few radishes and turnips in the mix too.

This was a staged picture on his part. He would never pick his nose while driving for real. Ha!
He cracks me up!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. hahaha!
    ummm....i ask myself the shaving question, too!
    you look gorgeous, girlie!
    love that you went all out.
    i'm a lip glossy kinds girl, too, and i actually wanted to do the red lipstick thing, but i don't have any and honestly, i'm too insecure! dorkorama!
    so, i love this post and following you on IG is so much fun, too. :)
    have a lovely day!

    ps your potatoes make me jealous...in a good way!

  2. WOW!! How fun is that??

    Thanks for letting me see into your day!

    I LOVE the shirt and the hair. fabulous.

    Hope the end of your week is just beautiful.

    Love, Anna

  3. yeah!! thanks for linking up! sometimes we just need to feel pretty, ya know?! glad you got some time away...and shaved your legs. oh, do i ever know what you're saying :)


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