Last night I was sitting on the couch talking to my hubby on the phone before bed. And we were talking about the situation up in the Chicago area with my grandparents and some other areas of our life.
I was feeling frustrated and unsure of what to do.
Sometimes things go well, and other times not so much.
Do you have those days?
Where you questions things and wonder "What In THE World?"

( Long story short- my gramps was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostrate Cancer, they have now sold their home and moving into a nursing home of sorts.)

Family comes first with me.
Always has, always will. My grandparent's are like a second set of parents to me and helped raised me when I was young. My mom and I lived with them until I was 8 years old and I am so blessed to have them in my life. So it was a no brainer when I things started heading south up there and they needed family to come and help.
I didn't think twice.
But as some of you may know, it's hard to pick up and go and leave your work and life in another state and go help for an indefinite amount of time.
Packing up a house where they lived for 35 + years will not be an easy task.
 Physically or emotionally.
Luckily there will be other hands and muscle to help.

Now let me tell you this.

Last week on a Thursday my grandparent's house officially went on the market.
By Sunday, they had already had 10 showings of their house.

We as a family have prayed and prayed and PRAYED about this situation.
And then prayed some more.
God has had His Hands in this situation since day one.
Back in November when the doctors gave that scary diagnosis, earlier this year when the chemo ravaged my grandpa's body and sucked the life right out of him and we wondered how much time we would have left with him.
We prayed.
And cried.
And my hubby being the awesome guy that he is, drove up there with me and our dog who gets major car sickness, and comforted us and made fried chicken.
I know, you can love him too :)
We questioned how much longer they could live in their big house without help.
They got 24/7 care in their home and in the same room where many a family celebration was held, a hospital bed was moved in and my grandpa spent a couple of months there.
With strangers (some nice, some not so nice) coming and going 24/7 giving them the health care my grandpa needed, we prayed.
We prayed for my grandma to have strength during this fragile time.
Can you even imagine watching your mate of  65 years crumbling before your eyes?
And deciding if and when he should be moved to a nursing home?
It was hard for everyone, but we knew and felt it was right.
And so did he.
A few weeks ago I told you that my grandpa moved into the nursing home, he is doing well and getting physical therapy so that his strength can be regained.
Never the same as before, but better than when the chemo was around.
Plans were then made for my grandma to move into another part of this location, into an assisted independent living cottage.
The stipulation was that their house would need to sell first, to free up some funds.
And so more praying happened.
Lots of dilligent, hard work has been done by my Uncle and other family members and my mom has been up there helping and comforting my grandparents along the way.
It's been quite the process really.

And here is the great news.

Yesterday their house Sold.


Not even a week on the market and their house sold.
Do you feel God in this story?
We do.

And then yesterday my beloved Home Life Magazine came in the mail.
It is such a refreshing read, I urge you to look into it.

There are reminders all over this issue, reminding me that God is in this.
There is no need to worry about our circumstances because He WILL show up.
Yes He will.
And He has so many times in the past too, that I am so ashamed when I try to handle situations on my own without asking Him to help.
It may not always be the outcome I think, but it will be the right one.
Every time.

I wrote on Instagram that I need to practice this. To be thankful and rejoice in every situation.
And that so often my initial reaction is to whine, complain or judge.
I don't want to be that girl.
Really, I don't.

This is another thing I need to be doing.
Sometimes it comes naturally to me and I find myself praying all day, like an open conversation.
Other days I can't even remember if I prayed before I hurriedly ate my lunch or actually prayed for someone when I told them I would.
I want to do better than that.

I am so overjoyed at the turn of events so far with my grandparents.
My whole family, near and far has prayed about this situation.
And God has been answering those prayers left and right.
It has felt like a Green Light situation the whole time.
Open doors all the way.
Now and moving forward I want to stop and thank God for meeting our needs and watching over us.
I don't want that to get lost in the mix of our hurried lives.

And so this morning, after many days (maybe weeks!) of not opening my Bible, I dusted it off and sat down to Proverbs.
It felt like what I needed.
And it was.

The words felt more clear to me than they have, maybe ever.

I know that the spirit will fill me and my cup will be running over when I read God's word.
It's like we know we will feel better if we excercise and eat right, but we still don't. Grrrr.

Dear Lord,
Forgive me of my foolish ways.
Help me to stay on your path and ALWAYS seek you first.
Thank you for loving me even when I don't feel like I deserve it.
Thank you for all the answered prayers in regards to my grandparent's situation.
You have truly blown us away with what you have made happen.
Please let me always be a light to my family and my husband so that my words will encourage and comfort instead of scorn or humiliate.


You can find these printables and more at Home Life Website .
I want to print them all off and hang them all over my home so I have constant reminders.

If you have stuck with me thru this long post, Bless Your Heart!
And thank you!
Will you continue to pray for us?
Do you have a prayer request?
I would love to pray for you as well.
Even if it something you don't want to share, but an unspoken one.

Have a GREAT day!


  1. oh my word.
    praise Jesus for His working in our lives!!!
    i am now officially convinced that we are kindred spirits.
    i could have written these exact same words, honey.
    i will be praying for your grandparents and i know the fear about your job.
    it's silly, really, because when you leave it up to Him, He will take care of you. :) and i can only say that because i learned that the hard way.
    my hubby lost his job{he made really good money!{like six figure income} and it vanished all in one day!
    we were down to $350 a month on unemployment and we lost EVERYTHING financially, but the relationship we gained with Christ FAR outweighed losing what doesn't really matter.
    so thankful for His loving chastening hand.
    love you girl, and this peek into your heart just confirmed what i had already suspected. :)
    true beauty inside and out!

    rejoicing with you today!

    and your not a dork at ALL!!! you bless me beyond words.

  2. So thankful for these answered prayers! SO SO THANKFUL! Isn't it wonderful to see how the Lord works! Thank you for sharing this right now. I am in a situation right now that feels absolutely hopeless...but you're right. GOD WILL SHOW UP. He's already here, I just have to talk to him. I NEED THEE EVERY HOUR!

    Thank you for your sweet ministering spirit!



I love hearing from you! :)

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