Are you ready for Easter?


Good Morning!
Happy Saturday!

How is your weekend so far?

The hubby left out at dark thirty this morning to do an a/c job, which seems strange because we woke up to a temp of 34 degrees outside! Burrrrr!

So today I will be cleaning house, getting ready for Easter dinner at our house tomorrow, prepping Easter Bags for my niece and nephew, and hopefully getting in some crafty time.

Here are some pics to show you what else I've been up to......

Some goodies for the Easter baskets.......

The spray painting of the refurbished plastic table is complete and already feeling at home on the deck with some purdy flowers.

I couldn't pass up this little owl from the dollar store. He is happily perched in one of my flower pots on the front porch. Sigh. I love him.
Where does this owl mania come from? It's like all the sudden they are EVERYWHERE!? And I love them. Boom.

I've been in reading mode lately, love that, and this cute little pic was at the bottom of one of the pages from "The Handmade Market Place".
If you are interested in starting your own handmade business, selling your goods online or at craft fairs, I reccomend you go check this book out. I'm all for borrowing from the library, but you might want to purchase this one as it's full of knowledge you will no doubt want to go back to for reference.
You can buy it here.

And of course it wouldn't be right without spending some time doing dishes. Luckily I have jumped on the Mrs. Meyer's bandwagon and splurged on some $4 hand soap. (Anybody else feel that way?)
The lavender flavor. Smells oh so good!

By the way........

Did you read yesterday's post?
You need to.
You might win a necklace!
Go check it out.

Have a GREAT Saturday and a Very Happy Easter!

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