It's Tuesday! Time for coffee!



It's Tuesday, so that means grab a chair it's time for Virtual Coffee with Amy @ Lucky Number 13.

What are you drinking this morning? Is the weather gorgeous where you live too?
If you were over today I would invite out to my deck and we could have some coffee. I usually drink mine with milk and sugar in a mug as big as my head. Or something like that.
If were at Starbucks I would order a Iced VENTI Americano, no water, light ice, 4 raw sugars and half and half. Essentially it's an iced latte with a BIG KICK! Do you switch over to iced coffee when it gets cooler or stick with hot? I'm kind of in between. Depends on my mood.
One thing is for sure though......after all my barista years at Starbucks (did you know this about me?) and making frappucino after frappucino, I can't drink them. Refuse to.

Today is my 2 year Anniversary.
We actually have two anniveraries.
April 3rd and May 7th.
April 3rd we got married by my grandpa in Chicago. My elderly grandparents were not going to be able to make it to Arkansas for our wedding. I didn't want them to miss out. They are way too important in my life. So my gramps, who is a retired baptist preacher married us. In the family room.

My grandparents on their wedding day.
(I know I've shared this pic before, but I love it so much!)

Our second (original date) May 7th, was a small wedding with immediate family and a couple of friends. Also my hubby's birthday.
And since life is so short, why not celebrate both dates?
Hard to believe that much time has gone by already.
You can read our LOVE STORY here.

(Both pics from our honeymoons.)

Mr. Jeter- I love you so very much and can't wait to spend a lifetime with you.
You are definitely the flip to my flop, the peanut butter to my jelly and the best dang BBQ'er I know.
You also look really cute in overalls :)
Happy Anniversary #1

Ok, moving right along.

Guess what?

This past weekend I went to a Pinterest Craft Party at church.
Did you read that?

All the hours I have spent pinning away, wishing I was crafty- it all came to fruition.
And it was a blast!

Here are some of the ladies that showed up.
Sorry about the blurryness.

The theme was based on t-shirts. So girls were making necklaces, bracelets and even reuseable bags from the t-shirts. IT was so cool.

There were some really craft and talented girls at this party.

I neglected to take pics of the sewing machines lined up, or the delicious snacks and beverage there.
I think somebody called the snack a "mookie"?
The combo of a muffin and a cookie?
 I thought it was like a softer cousin to a scone.
It was chocolate chip, so I would have loved it no matter what.
And the drink was water in glass pitchers with strawberries, mint leaves, lemon and lime.
It was so appealing to the eye and definitely my taste buds.

Have I told you that I'm not really crafty? It's true. I have to MAKE myself be crafty.
For so long I have wanted to unleash the craft girl within and get busy.
And here is the outcome.

I made these.
With my own two hands. I was shocked!
I had help with the pink rosette on the green necklace.
Then I went to town and was a crafting fool.
Now all I want to do is make necklaces.

Thank you BNC girls for putting that event together.
It was awesome!

Have you done anything crafty lately?
Do share!

Thanks for coffee!
Have an awesome day!


  1. what a great coffee post! and happy 2nd anniversary :) it'll be our 23rd at the end of the month *gulp* we have two anniversaries too - we actually got married on 15 feb in a registry office to start my visa application (my hubbie's american and we lived in the states for a while), but we celebrate the 29 april (our church blessing followed by honeymoon...) anyway, thanks for coffee and i wish you both a blessed easter xx PS love your crafty creations :)

  2. Thank you Claire! 23 years! Wow! Congratulations! And love that you too have 2 anniversaries! Thank you also for coffee! See you next and HAPPY EASTER! :)

  3. we have two anniversaries, too. we got married on the october 1st 2004 in a civil wedding in Germany celebrating a huge party with all my friends and family and had our church wedding in the States on May 21st 2005 with all of hubbies fam and some close family and friends who flew in from Germany. I love having two dates. Happy anniversary to you and to many more years!!!

  4. @Verena, that is so cool. Loving the double anniversaries! It's definitely fun to celebrate both. :) Thanks for stopping by, love the comments!

  5. That's a fun tidbit to know about you, that you worked at Starbucks! I tend to stick to hot coffees in the morning, no matter the weather, but I switch to iced coffees in the afternoon on days I'm needing that extra kick.

    Yay for marrying the same man multiple times! We actually had three weddings. One at a festival (not a real wedding, of course), one that was American-style in front of our closest family and friends (our legal wedding date, and the anniversary we celebrate), and another two days later, Thai style where everyone was invited.

    The craft party sounds like fun and the necklace & rosette are super cute!

  6. @Jade I LOVE it so much that each of us have more than one anniversary! I usually drink iced coffees in the afternoon too, especially if there is leftover coffee from the morning. My Starbucks friends would die knowing I do that! Ha! Thank you for sharing. So nice getting to know my coffee girls!


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