I've got the itch to go Camping.
We went last year with friends, and it was a GREAT time!
I'm really hoping we can go again  and SOON.
Before the weather is 100+ degrees like it gets here and before the bugs are big enough to sit down and eat a hot dog with you around the campfire.

So naturally I started browsing Pinsterest and found some inspiration.
Thanks Pinterest.

That view is INCREDIBLE!

I think my hubby could probably live here. The little porch is SO cute!

Have you every cooked a meal over a campfire? It's awesome. The sound of the crackling fire and the smell of bacon cooking on a cast iron skillet is comparable to nothing else.
And don't even get me started on the smell of coffee percolating over a campfire.
When we went camping with our friends, we played cards at the picnic table by lantern and sat around the campfires.
We also fought off rummaging raccoons during the night.
Well, they guys did, I slept thru all of it. Ha!
Waking up in the outdoors in your tent, listening to the birds chirping and a stream nearby is an incredible experience. It also brings you closer to appreciating this beautiful world God has created for us.
I wish these pictures were my own, but for now I'm gathering inspiration from my Pinterest Board.
Come follow me if you aren't already.

Happy Camping!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. But there will be some relaxing time too.
Hope yours is GREAT!

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  1. charlie would like to go camping too


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