It's Monday already?


So I realize that I haven't posted since LAST Tuesday for coffee.
I don't know where the time has gone! Sorry for my absence.
But I'm back.

I've been busy, doing what exactly I'm not sure. But busy none the less.

My sister made a visit last week and I took off work Friday to hang out with her and my parents and the hubby. We hit up the yard saling pretty hard.
My hubby told me I had a budget of $27 for yard saling.
And then we went to the Amish farm near us and bought flowers, peppers and tomatoes. And HE spent more than that.
Boys are so funny aren't they!?

Here's one of my finds.

I think it was $1 or $2

I have serious owl love these days.
Well really for the last year or so.
I thought it was funny that I found this at a yard sale in Arkansas.

Did you know I was born in California?

Well, I lack pictures today, but tomorrow I will show up with some for Virtual Coffee.

What did your weekend look like? Do anything fun?

Ps. I still haven't seen The Hunger Games :(
BUT- we now have a Red Box in our town! Hot diggity DAWG!

Have a good day.
See you tomorrow!

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  1. $27 on yard sale?!?!! what was he thinking! HA!

    I haven't seen Hunger Games either...I'm still trying to get through book free time to read.

    Happy Monday!


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