Virtual Coffee


Good Morning!

I'm a little late for coffee.
And I just found out our main host, AMY is skipping coffee today.
And really, I applaud her for that.
Last week when I was MIA from Facebook and really the Internets in general, I didn't really miss it.
I mean I did, but I didn't.
Make sense?

But alas, I'm ready for another cup of coffee, so come join me.

Want to know a little history about this mug?
When I lived in Brooklyn I bought this mug for a friend who was coming to visit.
But then I liked it SOOOO much that I kept it for myself.

I did dishes last night.
Of course.

And after that I was hungry and needed a snack.

 Something sweet will usually fix me right up.
Sometimes a PB&J and chocolate milk is just what I need.

Remember my yard sale talk yesterday?
Well here are some of my finds.

The Miracle Whip jar was home to all these Betty Crocker coupons. Back in the day you could put these towards the purchase of cookware/bakeware and other kitchen goodies.
The hubby thought we needed this really badly.
FYI- I cannot stand Miracle Whip!
I ever I take a bite of a sandwich and taste the tangy zip of Miracle Whip, it makes me want to barf.
The hubby loves it and therefore we are a one jar mayo and one jar miracle whip family.
Same with crunchy and creamy peanut butter.

These two game were a $1 each! What?!
Games are SO expensive at the store, so I felt like this was a REAL find! :)

Pure honey from the Amish general store.

And now for some really exciting finds.

Vintage sheets! Oh how I heart these.
I might turn them into bunting or something like that.

This old grandma blanket. I LOVE the colors.
Look at the detail and hard work that went into it!
I can just imagine a sweet little old lady, sitting in a chair, sipping tea and knitting by the fireplace.

And this is a blanket I found a weeks ago.
Have I already shown this to you?

If you ever come to our house and feel chilly, don't worry, we have plenty of blankets.


Tomorrow, my main squeeze is having some widsom teeth pulled.
And so tonight I'm making him a "last supper" as he won't be eating regular foods for a few days.
He requested this :

And meatloag, green bean casserole, creamed corn, garlic mashed potatoes, rolls and sweet tea.
I love that crazy dude.
Because really, nothing says "last supper" like Funfetti Cupcakes in left over Easter paper polka dot cups! :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I would have snatched those games up, too!!! $1??!!!!????!!!! Have a great day!

  2. Those vintage sheets....and that granny square afghan!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! Major scores!!!!

    I hope Hubs makes it through his dental surgery! GOOD LUCK!


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