Garden of Jeter and Old Photos


Dear Weekend,

You flew by way to fast for my liking. I need a few more days of you. More time to relax and hang out with the hubby and Charlie.
But I do appreciate all that we did do over the weekend, time with family and friends. Thanks for that.
See you soon,

Here are some pics that I found while at my parent's house over the weekend. I think I'm one-ish in this picture?

That is my cousin Nathan kissing me and David smiling in the corner with his head cut out of the pic. I heart these boys. We grew up like siblings. They live in Minnesota where they get 97 inches of snow eh. Ok not really, but too far from Arkansas. I don't see them nearly enough. :(

Here is one of our garden beds.
Onions and various lettuces as well as some spinach. I think we will be eating salad from this bed VERY soon. Can't wait!

The neighbor's dog Sheba. She is Charlie's girlfriend. She is about 4 times his size and much older. The wreslte in the backyard and chase each other all the time. When one or the other is outside and the other is not, they act depressed. It's true love. And also a testimony that true love shows no boundaries.

And just so you can feel better about your childhood I'm leaving you with this picture today of me, clearly on my 9th birthday.
The sweater.
The hair. Permed.
The colors of the sweater.
No doubt I thought I was cool.
Oh my.

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?

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