Over The Weekend......


Do you realize that tomorrow is MAY? Can you believe that?
I have no idea where April went.
This weekend was interesting for us.
We had plans for the weekend. Nothing big, but plans none the less.
And it all changed in an instant.
My dad ended up in the hospital. My mom was in Chicago with my grandparents. He was alone.
Long story short, they kept him one night in the hospital for observation, he will have some follow up appointments this week and my mom made it home from Chicago.
I was so thankful we were close enough to come and be with him.
It just really puts things into perspective how fast things can happen.
But God is in control. Always.

And on a happier note, I got a very cheerful bouquet, handpicked.

Peonies are my favorite flower. I love them!

The petals are so light and fluffy and smell so sweet.

Teddy's grandma also sent along farm fresh eggs and some corn relish. She really knows the way to our hearts :)

And speaking of hearts, we are getting ready to celebrate our 2nd Wedding anniversary, as in we've been married 2 years, had 2 weddings and celebrate both dates- April 3 and May 7th.
May 7th also happens to be my honey's birthday.
For an anniversary gift, my hubby has created a little space in the backyard for us. We live in town, close to the road and the cars and trucks are constant. It's annoying to say the least.
So having a little oasis in the backyard near the garden, under the shade of big trees is SO lovely.
He even created a firepit for me. There is nothing more sweet than sharing popsicles and sitting by your very own fire pit in your very own backyard with your hubby. For real.

So now I'm hoping to acquire some outdoor furniture for this lovely little place. And I really want to hang some mason jar lights or something similar to give it ambience. And there will definitely be flowers too :) Of course.

Also, this girl, yes me, ordered Zumba Fitness over the weekend.
It's time.
I once saw a bumper sticker that said "Zumba Changed My Wife". And I laughed hysterically.
But now, I told Teddy to get ready because Zumba IS going to change his wife:)


  1. We just started an exercise routine/diet this past week. So I feel your enthusiasm! Good luck with it and keep us posted. Sorry to hear about your Dad but so glad you were able to be with him. Sometimes just seeing being together makes the situation so much better.

  2. Thanks Laura! And good luck with your new fitness routine too! Thanks for commenting today, hope the rest of your day is great!


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