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I'm pairing up with Lisa Leonard today. Every Monday she does a "Hello Monday...."

It's been a rough week at Case de Jeter.
Teddy has his wisdom teeth out and I was sick and missed work too.
I've been missing in action from what feels like everything.
Church, house cleaning, laundry, having the get up and go to do anything.

My house is a disaster.
When two people are sick  you don't feel like doing anything but laying around, snacking and watching movies.
And of course Charlie was so happy to oblige with cuddling.

And then the kind Amish man calls and says "your strawberries are ready......"
So the hubby, who felt the best out of both of us, went to retrieve them.

He came in with one box.
And then another.
And yet another!

He had ordered 3 flats of strawberries.

I will get to more on that later.

We ate a slad from our garden.
European lettuces, radishes, onions and spinach.
The hubby saute'd up some radishes onions and bacon.

He also made some strawberry scones and we fantasized about what it would be like to have a bakery.
I found a recipe for making Mrs. Meyer's hand soap.
I love the Lavenerd scented soap. (Sorry for the cruddy pictures).
When I take on that project, I will definitely share.

So what were you up to this past weekend?
Anything fun?

I really will blog more this week.
I know, I've missed you too :)

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