Tuesday.....Virtual Coffee



Hello Tuesday!
And hello Amy and all my buddies who join in for Virtual Coffee .

Grab some coffee, a cupcake, a burrito- whatever your fancy is, and get comfy.

First I need to tell you that we almost had a crisis at our house recently.
Mr. Bear went missing.
While my mom was dog-sitting. (It wasn't her fault. Really.)
Charlie is SUPER attached to Mr. Bear.
It's like the equivalent of a child's binky.
He carries it around with him, sleeps with him, brings him into the kennel with him.
They are best buds.

I searched somewhat high and low for Mr. Bear ( who we actually realized is a dog, not a bear, silly us.)

And then over the weekend I went to close our bedroom door, and there he was. Behind the door! Oy!

And now, Charlie will barely let him out of his sight.

Nevermind that Charlie has eaten Mr. Bear's eyeballs, a few decorative patches on his tummy and one of his whiskers.
Love is blind and strange sometimes isn't it?

I saw this in the local paper and even though this place is a good 30 minutes from our house, I almost made the hubby jump in the car and go with me. Do you see that? FREE DONUT HOLES!?

Oh dear.
What would you have done?

My mother is has ALWAYS given me an Easter Basket.
And I LOVE that.
We got a couple of re-useable drinking cups (LOVE THOSE!), chocolate Easter bunnies - they were NOT hollow! And.........she got Teddy a Chuck Norris DVD.
Double Feature.
That's like 4 hours of shooting and fighting and general guy stuff. (From the other room I even heard some naughty words.)
And suddenly this guy who could really care less about tv or movies, was so into it.
Lounging in his recliner, not realizing if anyone else walked into the room or not.
Zoned out.
It was too funny!

I simply adore aprons. Yet most of the time I forget to wear them!
While cooking up Easter dinner, I put it on, and my outfit thanked me.

We had a bunch of people over. 13 total.
That is a bunch when you have a small house.
But we were cozy and ate wonderful food!
The hubby put a pork loin and a turkey on the smoker.
He was out there somewhere around dark thirty Easter morning. He was totally devoted.
People who came brought a little bit of this and that, everything was super delicous!
And we prepared this salad. With ingredients from our garden.
Green onion, radishes, spinach, lettuces.

Doesn't that look so Springy and yummy?

There are so many pics I didn't capture on Easter:
Like my niece and nephew wearing their bunny glasses I got them.
The Easter egg hunt in the back yard.
The Easter egg that Charlie found (and ate, shell and all).
The family and friends, love and laughter.
The table I decorated with things from around the house and flowers from the yard.

Oh well, I can't do it all.

Thanks for coffee guys!
Let's do it again next week ok?


  1. Charlie and his bear! Awwww! That is so sweet!!!!!! Easter lunch sounds DELISH! ANd...my mom has given me an easter basket for years now too...now, it's dwindled to eggums...you know, that gum in the egg cartons. Easton gets my easter basket now! ;) Stinker!!!!!

    Happy Tuesday!!!

  2. Ummm I just might have jumped in the car to go the 30 miles, or thought of some random excuse to go near there! :) Happy Easter :)

  3. thank you so much for your lovely comments, rachel, i look forward to your coffee posts too :) cooking for 13 - wow! we were only 6 for easter... and that salad looks just yummy!! thank you SO much for coffee **big hug**

  4. Oh my goodness that is TOO cute about Charlie and Mr. Bear! Our dog, Dot, used to have a bear, but then she ate most of him. Now her companion of choice is old towels. She loves those things!

    Oh donut holes....that sounds SOOO good. Now I want me some donut holes.

    Or just donuts. That'd be cool too.

  5. Hey Rachel. Love your blog too. And that first pic with bear, Oh my...too cute. Sounds like you had a great Easter. The salad and pork loin sound soooo yummy. happy Wednesday.:)

  6. Happy Easter! Very, very cute apron! Love it!


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