Happy, Happy Saturday!


Have you noticed any changes on the blog?
My favorite blog designer Kendra has so graciously helped me tweak a few things and I'm loving the way it looks!

What are you up to today?

Last night we went fishin'. Here in the south, we go fishin', not fishing. Mmmmkay? :)

We were riding in old yeller and the wind was blowing my hair every which way, so I put on the hubby's camo fishin hat to tame the hairs flying all over the place. I think I kind of like this look :)

Across the bank at the river there were cows, you can barely see them with the pics my phone took. But look at all their foot prints! This city girl can never get used to cows. I'm fascinated by them.

One time the hubby and I were driving down the road and we got on the subject of how cows moo. That a boy cow (bull) moos differently than a girl cow. ( This is city lingo ok?) A girl no doubt has a high pitches, girly, cute, moooooooo. To really do that moo justice you need to call me and I will do it for you. Ok, moving on.

Pizza was a given for this fishin trip. We ate it tailgate style. Without plates or napkins or utensils. Real country like. I may have even wiped my hands on my pants! Don't tell my mom.

This is the road down to the river, gorgeous.
When it rains a lot, this is ALL under water. Hard to imagine!

The crew we went fishin with last night is going out again today to get more fish, which means there may be a fish fry in our future.

What a great way to spend a Friday night. With friends who are like family, pizza and fishin.

Hope your weekend is going great!

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